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Wearable communication system

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6853293.

A portable data input or computer system includes an input/output device such as a keyboard and a display, another data input device such as an optical bar code scanner, and a data processor module. To scan bar code type indicia, the operator points the scanner at the bar code and triggers the scanner to read the indicia. All the system components are distributed on an operator's body and together form a personal area system (PAS). Components may include a scanner or imager, a wrist unit, a headpiece including an eyepiece display, speaker and a microphone. Components within a particular PAS communicate with each other over a personal area network (PAN). Individual PASs may be combined into a network of PASs called a PAS cluster. PASs in a particular PAS cluster can communicate with each other over another wireless communication channel. Individual PAS can gain access to a Local Area Network (LAN) and/or a Wide Area Network (WAN) via an access point. Individual PASs can use devices, such as servers and PCs situated either on the LAN or the WAN to retrieve and exchange information. Individual PAS components can provide automatic speech and image recognition. PAS components may also act a telephone, a pager, or any other communication device having access to a LAN or a WAN. Transmission of digitized voice and/or video data can be achieved over an Internet link.

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