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Electric power meter including a temperature sensor and controller

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6847300.

An electric power meter (102) includes a temperature sensor (114) and a controller (112). The controller (112) is operable, based on the temperature reported from the temperature sensor (114), to generate alarm(s) when the temperature exceeds certain alarm threshold(s) (307, 507, 508) and to activate a power disconnect switch (104), thereby shutting off power to a customer premises, when the temperature exceeds a shut off threshold (309, 509). The controller (112) is operable to activate the power disconnect switch (104) for non-payment of electricity cost, subject to secondary criteria based on regulatory requirements. A customer terminal (103) may be used to notify a customer of an alarm condition, to provide information regarding electrical power usage or to provide information regarding disconnection of electrical power.

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