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Golf ball and tee setting device and methods

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6843737.

According to the disclosed embodiments of the present invention, there is provided a device and method for setting a golf ball and tee, including a ball and tee receiving member disposed at the bottom end portion of a shaft. A ball engageable member is disposed at the lower end portion of the shaft for pressing the ball against the tee when the ball is received by the receiving member. The receiving member has a lower tee engageable member having a shallow slot opening extending radially in a direction to receive the tee within the slot. A hand engageable lever actuator extends radially from the upper end portion of the shaft in an opposite direction to the opening of the slot for actuating the movable ball engageable member to cause it to move away from the ball. The receiving member has a massive portion disposed substantially below and substantially opposite the actuator to cause the center of gravity of the device to be disposed offset from the shaft and the slot so that when the device is held by the actuator and the ball engageable member retracts away from the ball, the receiving member tends to swing away from the tee to disengage the tee from the shallow slot.

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