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Multi-electrode double layer capacitor having hermetic electrolyte seal

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6842330.

A long life double layer capacitor and method of making the same including a case and a first terminal with an electrically insulating hermitic seal interposed between the first terminal and the case. A first current collector foil is electrically coupled to an interior portion of the first terminal and a first electrode comprising carbon which is juxtaposed against the first current collector foil. A porous separator is then juxtaposed against the first electrode comprising carbon and separating the first electrode from a second electrode comprising carbon. A second current collector foil is juxtaposed against a side of the second electrode and is electrically coupled to the second terminal. And an electrolyte solution saturates the first and second electrodes comprising carbon and is substantially contained by the case and the electrically insulating hermitic seal such that an influx of impurities into the electrolyte solution is substantially inhibited by the case and the electrically insulating hermetic seal.

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