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Method of securing an elongated member to a support member

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6832427.

A buoyant clamp assembly and method for clamping an elongate member to a support member. The buoyant clamp assembly includes a flexible strap having first and second ends. Affixed to the exterior of the flexible strap are wear blocks. A highly frictional layer is attached to the interior of the flexible strap to increase friction between the clamping assembly and the elongate or support member. The flexible strap extends substantially around the elongate and support members. The first and second ends are adapted to be coupled to each other via a loop member. The clamp assembly also includes a tensioner assembly having first and second tensioner bars spaced parallel to one another. Capture bolts affixed to the tensioner assembly prevent the first and second tensioner bars from separating. Each of the first and second tensioner bars includes a bullnose face and the bullnose faces are in opposing relationship to one another. The tensioner assembly also includes adjusting members for adjusting the spacing between the first and second tensioner bars. The first end of the flexible strap extends around the support member, through the gap between the tensioner bars, through the loop member and doubles back on itself through the gap between the tensioner bars. The doubled-back portion of the flexible strap is positioned between the first portion of the flexible strap passing through the gap and the first tensioner bar. A highly frictional layer is attached to the flexible strap in the area where the flexible strap doubles back on itself so that the highly frictional layer is between the flexible strap layers. The holding ability of the clamp assembly is attributable to the tensioner assembly, the doubling back of the flexible strap and the friction multiplier.

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