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Cavitation generating device and fluid mixing device using the device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6830370.

A cavitation generating device, wherein the chordal side edges of a pair of semi-elliptic vane panel disposed in a pipe body allowing fluid to be force-fed are crossed aslant with each other, a space between code side edges on the upstream side of the crossed part is closed by a partition plate dividing a pipe body cross-section into two parts, an opening part formed between a chordal edge of one semi-elliptic vane panel on the downstream side of the crossed part and a chordal edge of the other semi-elliptic vane panel on the upstream side of the crossed part is closed partially by restricting means such as a baffle board so as to form a guide vane, and an arc side edge of the semi-elliptic vane panel of the guide vane is connected to the inner wall of a fluid force-feeding pipe body; a fluid mixing device, wherein a plurality of projections are projected radially from the inner peripheral board surface of the pipe body on the downstream side of the guide vane.

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