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Motor device including a thrust bearing having a thrust plate

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6828708.

A motor device suppressed in tilt of the rotor shaft and improved in resistance to rotational vibration without enlarging the thickness direction. A stator plate 1 supports a radial bearing 3 and thrust bearing 5 through an auxiliary support plate 15. The auxiliary support plate 15 has a bent flange 15a at its outer circumference, has the radial bearing 3 fastened to the region inside the flange 15a, and has the thrust bearing 5 placed on the inside region so as to surround the same. The auxiliary support plate 15 is made to fit in the stator plate 1, while the flange 15a is supported on the top surface of the stator plate 1. The rotor plate 9 has a rotor shaft 11 and drive magnet 13. The rotor shaft 11 is axially supported by the radial bearing 3 and abuts against the thrust bearing 5.

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