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Hair depilating device and method for improved depilating coverage

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6824461.

A hand-held, motorized depilating device, introducing a novel mechanical design to provide improved depilating coverage and hair plucking efficiency, without requiring the user to pass the device over the same given skin, area numerous times. The hair-plucking assembly is rotatable about a shaft and includes at least two disc assemblies, each comprising a pair of complimentary discs, mounted on a hub, and having radially extending arms which terminate in a flattened peripheral portion, which when pressed against a corresponding portion forms a trap for the hair. At least one of the radially extending arms is bent so that the associated hair trap lies in a different predetermined plane than the other hair-traps associated with that disc assembly. This staggered arrangement results in improved depilating coverage. In another embodiment, the hub's edge has formed thereon a pinch plate, disposed in between the complementary discs, thereby doubling the number of hair-traps, and greatly increasing depilating efficiency.

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