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Disk drive mounting system for absorbing shock and vibration in a machining environment

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6822858.

A disk drive mounting system for isolating a disk drive assembly from machine vibration and shock. In one embodiment, the system includes a suspension frame and a disk drive assembly mounted to the frame using biased vibration isolation members, such as springs, which are each substantially aligned through the center of mass of the disk drive assembly. Accordingly, vibrational forces can be transmitted through the center of mass of the disk drive assembly. Preferably, the disk drive assembly includes a mounting chassis which holds a hard disk drive and includes openings through which damping bumpers can extend. In this embodiment, the bumpers each have a base portion and an extension portion, the extension portion extending through the openings in the mounting chassis to limit the transfer of shock to the disk drive. The bumpers can be attached to the suspension frame and/or to a protective cover for the assembly. Preferably, a slide bracket is provided to allow the system to be easily mounted to a machine tool system surface.

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