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Capillary transporting fuel battery

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6818340.

The present invention is to provide a kind of capillary transporting fuel battery, wherein on two sides of two fuel battery substrates faced to each other it forms a gap with an appropriate distance, two sides of those two fuel battery substrates are a "liquid fuel side" and an oxygen-containing gas side, two inner sides faced to each other are liquid fuel sides and two outer sides are oxygen-containing gas sides. By using three liquid isolating layer it connects two long sides and one wide side of two fuel battery substrates faced to each other with an appropriate gap, among them the gap of two fuel batteries faced to each other is reduced to an appropriate range, it can be visualized as a capillary having a transporting fuel function to form a capillary channel, through the process described above it assembles a battery unit, by using plural sets of battery units it forms a transporting fuel battery utilizing a capillary phenomenon.

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