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Flash memory having improved core field isolation in select gate regions

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6815292.

A flash memory array having improved core field isolation in select gate regions via shallow trench isolation and field isolation implant after liner oxidation is disclosed. The flash memory array includes a core area and a periphery area, wherein the core area further includes a select gate region. The method of fabricating the flash memory array begins by patterning a layer of nitride over a substrate in active device locations. After the nitride is patterned, a silicon trench etch is performed to form trenches. After forming the trenches, a layer of liner oxide is grown in the trenches. Then, a field implant is performed in both the core area and periphery area to provide field isolation regions for the flash memory array with. Thereafter, poly1 is patterned in the core area to form floating gate and select word-lines.

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