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Method and system for route planning

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6813558.

The present invention provides method of enabling a user to plan a route using a computer system, the method including the steps of: printing a map of a geographic area, the map including coded data indicative of an identity of the map and of a plurality of reference points of the map; receiving, in the computer system, indicating data from a sensing device operated by the user, the indicating data regarding the identity of the map and a position of the sensing device relative to the map, the sensing device, when placed in an operative position relative to the map, sensing the indicating data using at least some of the coded data; identifying, in the computer system and from the indicating data, at least one geographic location; and planning the route, in the computer system, using the at least one geographic location as at least one of: the route starting point, a route way-point, and the route destination.

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