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Wireless telecommunications multi-carrier receiver architecture

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6813320.

A receiver (10) for a wireless telecommunications system that provides relatively wideband signal processing of received signals without increased signal distortion so that multiple received signals can be simultaneously processed. The receiver (10) includes a specialized LNA (16), frequency down-converter (18) and ADC (20) to perform the wideband signal processing while maintaining receiver performance. The frequency down-converter (18) employs a suitable mixer (28), BPA (32), attenuator (34), and transformer (36) that are tuned to provide the desired frequency down-conversion and amplitude control over the desired wideband. The down-converter devices are selected depending on the particular performance criteria of the ADC (20). A specialized digital channelizer (22) is included in the receiver (10) that receives the digital signal from the ADC (20), and separates the signals into the multiple channels. In one embodiment, the frequency down-conversion is performed in a single down-conversion process, and the ADC (20) employs delta-sigma processing to provide digital conversion over the complete frequency band. In an alternate embodiment, the frequency down-conversion is performed in a double down-conversion process so that a less complex ADC (62) can be used.

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