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Surveillance system and method for aircraft approach and landing

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6809679.

A system and method for measuring and predicting information on the position of approaching aircraft are disclosed. The system features a processor, an interrogating antenna, a receiving antenna, and a data link. The processor schedules interrogations and suppression pulses. Both of the antennas and the data link are in signal communication with the processor. The interrogating antenna transmits interrogations to a plurality of approaching aircraft. At least some of the interrogations include suppression pulses. The receiving antenna comprises at least three fixed, broad azimuth, array elements. The receiving antenna receives replies from each of the plurality of approaching aircraft and communicates the replies to the processor. The processor determines a state for each of the plurality of approaching aircraft based on the replies. The data link communicates information on the state of each of the plurality of approaching aircraft from the processor.

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