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Adhesive dispenser in a reel-up in a paper machine

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6805317.

A device is provided for winding paper in which the paper web running is supported by a reel drum and wound onto exchangeable reel shafts in contact with the reel drum in order to form rolls of paper. The device applies a heated adhesive agent on the web and/or on the reel shaft onto which the web is to be wound. A spray rack is mounted on the stand of the reel-up, upstream of the reel drum and extending transversely to the machine direction, or alternatively, is mounted in various other locations of the reel-up. A hopper with a heater heats the heated adhesive agent to temporarily lower its viscosity and stickiness for smooth and even spraying. A series of nozzles are mounted on the rack spaced across the width of the web to spread spray jets of liquid containing said heated adhesive onto the web and/or the reel shaft. The adhesive area thus is disposed between the web and the empty reel shaft so as to facilitate initiating the winding process.

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