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Cross coupling delay characterization for integrated circuits

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6799153.

A solution to perform cross coupling delay characterization for integrated circuits and other microprocessor applications. The invention properly models the integrated circuit in various configurations at various times to accommodate the non-linearities associated with driver circuitry and the undesirable capacitive coupling between nets within the integrated circuit, specifically those that are located within close proximity to one another and that generate deleterious effects of the transitions of the drivers from low to high, and from high to low. The invention provides for a computationally efficient solution to perform the delay characterization of the speeding up and slowing down of individual transition operations within the microprocessor. Accurate delay characterization provides for design engineers an accurate description of the worst case and best case scenarios of the integrated circuit or microprocessor that is needed for various applications such as the integration of the integrated circuit and microprocessor into a larger system.

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