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BiCMOS process with low temperature coefficient resistor (TCRL)

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6798024.

A low temperature coefficient resistor (TCRL) has some unrepaired ion implant damage. The damaged portion raises the resistance and renders the resistor less sensitive to operating temperature fluctuations A polysilicon thin film low temperature coefficient resistor and a method for the resistor's fabrication overcomes the coefficient of resistance problem of the prior art, while at the same time eliminating steps from the BiCMOS fabrication process, optimizing bipolar design tradeoffs, and improving passive device isolation. A low temperature coefficient of resistance resistor (TCRL) is formed on a layer of insulation, typically silicon dioxide or silicon nitride, the layer comprising polysilicon having a relatively high concentration of dopants of one or more species. An annealing process is used for the implanted resistor which is shorter than that for typical prior art implanted resistors, leaving some intentional unannealed damage in the resistor. The planned damage gives the TCRL a higher resistance without increasing its temperature coefficient. A process for fabrication of the resistor is used which combines separate spacer oxide depositions, provides buried layers having different diffusion coefficients, incorporates dual dielectric trench sidewalls that double as a polish stop, supplies a spacer structure that controls precisely the emitter-base dimension, and integrates bipolar and CMOS devices with negligible compromise to the features of either type.

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