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Turbine fuel pump

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6796764.

A turbine fuel pump includes: a casing for casing an electric motor; a pump housing disposed at the casing, and an impeller rotatably disposed in the pump housing. The pump housing includes a fuel passage between an intake port and a delivery port. The fuel passage includes a flow path defining a cross section S. The impeller has an outer periphery formed with a vane which force feeds the fuel in the fuel passage when the impeller is rotated with the electric motor. The vane defines a height H and a thickness T. The fuel passage defines the following typical dimension Rm:A wall of the flow path defining the cross section S is profiled by a profile length Lp. The profile length Lp divided by the typical dimension Rm makes a dimension ratio Lp/Rm in a first range from 11 to 16.

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