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Arrangement for applying and pressing on covers

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6796553.

A device for a bookbinding machine for applying and pressing a cover (3) on to an inner book (2) which is continuously transported in feed direction (F) comprises a vertically-movable back pressing plate (4a,b) mounted on a support plate (7) for pressing the cover (3) on to the back, and comprises horizontally displaceable side pressing bars (5, 6) mounted in bearings on the support plate (7) and controlled by an actuating arrangement for pressing against side faces adjacent to the back, the back pressing plate (4a,b) and the side pressing bars (5, 6) being able, in a cyclical reciprocating movement (H), to be advanced synchronously with the transported inner book while pressing against same and being guided at a distance from the back in the reverse movement. To limit the opening of the side pressing bars during the full reciprocating movement, it is provided in a simple construction that the actuating arrangement includes connecting rods (17, 18) which are pivoted at pivot points (17a, 18a) outside the reciprocating support plate (7) and are pivotally connected by their other ends to the side pressing bars (5, 6) directly or via an intermediate transmission (19, 20) which moves with the support plate (7), and that the outwardly-located pivot points (17a, 18a) are displaceable in a guided manner along the feed direction (F) of the inner book transporting system. In addition, the device makes it possible to set a particular opening width of the side pressing bars during the upward movement of the back pressing plate.

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