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Method and apparatus for making clutch plate with multi segment friction material

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6790308.

A method and apparatus for making a friction clutch plate includes cutting a supply of friction material into a plurality of individual shaped segments. The cut segments are moved in a first horizontal linear direction to a position adjacent a shuttle assembly. At least a first cut segment is engaged by the shuttle assembly which transfers the first cut segment in a second horizontal linear direction which is substantially perpendicular to the first horizontal linear direction. The first cut segment is deposited in a first indexing fixture. The remaining cut segments are sequentially moved in the first horizontal linear direction to the position adjacent the shuttle assembly. At least a second cut segment is engaged by the shuttle assembly and is transferred in a third horizontal linear direction which substantially perpendicular to the first horizontal linear direction. In certain embodiments the method and apparatus further includes moving the cut segment in a vertical direction prior to moving the cut segment either in the second horizontal linear direction or the third horizontal linear direction.

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