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System and method for reducing network traffic between two computing devices

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6789128.

A system and methods are provided for reducing the size of a message sent from a first computing device to a second computing device. The type of a data value of a message may be altered for transmission; the second computer recognizes a special data type assigned to the data value and restores the original data type. Also, data values may be buffered, and identifiers (e.g., buffer indexes) sent in their place. Both devices maintain similar buffers and the second device uses the identifier to retrieve the data value. Further, the contents of a new message may be described by how they differ from the contents of a previous message. A delta message is generated to describe the differences and identify the previous message. Upon receipt of the delta message, the second computer retrieves the previous message and uses it and the delta message to reconstruct the new message.

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