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Two-conductor cable and phone plug assembly

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6786774.

An apparatus and method for producing a phone plug assembly utilizes a shielded or two-connecter cable. A conductive tip is concentrically received in an insulator. One conductor of the cable electrically connects to a stem of the tip. The other conductor of the cable electrically connects to a conductive sleeve that concentrically receives a portion of the insulator. When a shielded cable is utilized with the phone plug assembly, an exposed section of a conductive shield can receive a metal band or metal tape. The sleeve is crimped about the metal band or metal tape to provide the electrical connection between the sleeve and the exposed section of the conductive shield. The conductive shield can also be folded back about a cable jacket and received within a portion of the sleeve. The sleeve is then crimped in alignment with the folded exposed section to enhance the electrical connection. For use with a two-connector cable, a metal band or metal tape can extend about an exposed conductor and the adjacent insulated conductor connected to the tip. The sleeve is then crimped at the metal band or metal tape to enhance the electrical connection. Instead of a metal band, a cable adapter can provide a connection between the sleeve and an exposed conductor. The cable adapter includes an aperture for a conductor passing through and a groove at an outer surface for receiving a second conductor having an exposed section. When the adapter is inserted in the sleeve, the exposed conductor contacts the inner surface thereof.

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