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Transimpedance amplifier with selective DC compensation

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6784750.

A transimpedance amplifier selectively activates DC compensation to optimize a signal-to-noise ratio for an optical receiver. The optical receiver includes a photodiode that converts a light signal to an electrical current signal, and the transimpedance amplifier converts the electrical current signal to a pair of differential voltage signals for further processing. The electrical current signal is provided to the transimpedance amplifier by connecting a cathode of the photodiode to a first input amplifier via a DC blocking capacitor and by directly connecting an anode of the photodiode to a second input amplifier. The transimpedance amplifier includes a DC correction circuit that generates a correction current when an output of the first input amplifier exceeds a predefined threshold. The correction current is added to an input of the second input amplifier to adjust a DC offset at an output of the second input amplifier.

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