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Method for manufacturing a tyre

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6783619.

A method for manufacturing a tire includes the steps of preparing strip sections, laying down a first series of the strip sections on a toroidal support, applying at least primary portions of annular reinforcing structures against end flaps of the strip sections of the first series at axially-opposite positions relative to an equatorial plane of the toroidal support, and laying down on the toroidal support at least one second series of the strip sections. Each strip section extends in a substantially U-shaped configuration around a cross-sectional outline of the toroidal support. First series strip sections are circumferentially distributed according to a pitch corresponding to a multiple of their width. Second series strip sections extend between consecutive first series strip sections and include end flaps overlapping respective primary portions of the annular reinforcing structures at an axially-opposite position relative to end flaps of the first series strip sections.

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