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Storing information concerning suspect currency notes received in an ATM

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6783061.

An automated banking machine (10) includes a user interface (12) including an opening (20). Users of the machine deliver individual sheets and stacks of sheets to and from the machine through the opening. Stacks of sheets may include sheets such as notes, checks or other documents. Stacks input to the machine may include mixtures of various types of sheets. The machine operates to receive notes, process checks and perform other operations. Notes received in the machine may be recycled and dispensed to other users. Checks processed by the machine may be imaged by an imaging device, cancelled and stored in the machine or alternatively returned to a user. Documents produced by the machine such as receipts, checks or money orders as well as notes dispensed from the machine are assembled into a stack within the machine and delivered from the machine through the opening.

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