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Gas laser

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6782030.

The present invention relates to a gas laser with a high-voltage electrode 12 and a ground electrode 14, which electrodes 12, 14 are disposed relative to each other so as to form a discharge gap 16 between them, and with high voltage generating means including a circuit having at least one storage capacitor and at least one secondary capacitor 18, 20, said secondary capacitor 18, 20 being disposed in the area of said high-voltage electrode 12 within a discharge chamber 32 filled with laser gas. Said secondary capacitor 18, 20 includes at least one external surface 28, 28' oriented towards said high-voltage electrode 12 and made of a material which is inert with respect to said laser gas, which external surface 28, 28' forms at least one boundary surface of a flow channel 26, 26' for said laser gas.

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