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IV fluid warming system with detection of presence and orientation of an IV fluid heat exchanger

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6775473.

An intravenous (IV) fluid warming system with a removable heat exchanger includes a presence detector. The system is for warming an IV fluid before infusion into a body. The system includes a warming unit for warming the IV fluid and an inlet slot for receiving a heat exchanger, preferably embodied as a cassette. The heat exchanger is sized to fit into the inlet slot of the warming unit. The heat exchanger has a heat exchanger membrane with an internal fluid pathway that is in fluid communication with a fluid inlet port and a fluid outlet port. While the heat exchanger is in the warming unit, the IV fluid flows through the internal fluid pathway of the heat exchanger, warming the fluid. A heat exchanger presence detector is part of the warming system. The presence detector detects the presence of the heat exchanger when it is received in the warming unit. The presence detector enables the heating operation of the warming unit when the presence of the heat exchanger is sensed.

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