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Suction nozzle configuration

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6772475.

A suction nozzle for a floor care appliance such as an upright vacuum cleaner having at least a fist channel located above an agitator to carry air and dirt to a suction passageway. The cleaner has several embodiments, one of which has a single channel and a single agitator. Another embodiment has front and rear suction ducts, a channel, and a single agitator. Yet another embodiment has the single channel and dual agitators. Still yet another embodiment has front and rear suction ducts and dual agitators. Further yet still, another embodiment has front and rear suction ducts, a channel, and dual agitators. Several embodiments of an agitator drive assembly are provided using various means to provide rotary power to the agitator(s).

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