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Protocol adapter for in-vehicle networks

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6772248.

An apparatus for in-vehicle electronic control module (ECM) development in which network protocol control parameters are varied. The apparatus includes an adapter, which consists of a microprocessor subassembly and an interface subassembly, and computer based (client) software with two parts: the host communication level and the API (DLL). The apparatus provides a "pass-through" interface such that various compliant applications from various developers can use a common adapter. The apparatus provides a "pass-through" interface such that all compliant adapters from various developers can use any of the unique developer applications. This makes all compliant software applications and hardware interface adapters interchangeable. The improved protocol adapter is designed to perform the following functions: ECM emulation, analysis of network message loading, simulation of message traffic loading of an in-vehicle network, inventory management, ECM code testing, a gateway between networks, and to provide vehicle maintenance status checks.

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