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Digital image encoding and decoding method and digital image encoding and decoding device using the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6771826.

The present invention provides an encoder and a decoder of digital picture data, and the encoder/decoder can realize high precision transform with less quantity of transferred data, when a parameter of the digital picture data is not an integer but has numbers of digits, to which the Affine transformation can be applicable. The encoder/decoder comprises the following elements: (a) picture compression means for encoding an input picture and compressing the data, (b) coordinates transform means for outputting coordinate data which is obtained by decoding the compressed data and transforming the decoded data into a coordinate system, (c) transformation parameter producing means for producing transformation parameters from the coordinates data, (d) predicted picture producing means for producing predicted picture from the input picture by the transformation parameter, and (e) transmission means for transmitting the compressed picture and the coordinates data.

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