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Multiplexing an additional bit stream with a primary bit stream with conversion between qB/rB and xB/yB encoded bit streams

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #6768429.

Managing a primary bit stream involves converting a qB/rB encoded bit stream to an xB/yB encoded bit stream and multiplexing an additional bit stream with the xB/yB encoded bit stream at a transmission side of a link. The additional bit stream is then demultiplexed from the xB/yB encoded bit stream and the xB/yB encoded bit stream is converted back to the qB/rB encoded bit stream at the receiver side of the link. The qB/rB encoded bit stream is converted to and from the xB/yB encoded bit stream so that the additional bit stream can be multiplexed with the qB/rB encoded bit stream using multiplexing/demultiplexing systems that are compatible with the xB/yB multiplexing system. In an application, a 4B/5B encoded bit stream is converted to an 8B/10B encoded bit stream and an additional bit stream is multiplexed with the 10B code-words of the 8B/10B encoded bit stream using code-word manipulation.

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