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Magnetic field generator

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6768407.

A permanent-magnet-type magnetic field generator (10) capable of generating a strong magnetic field not weaker than 3 T in a magnetic field generation space (12) is provided. The magnetic field generator (10) has an axially central portion serving as the magnetic field generation space (12), and includes a first magnetic circuit (14) provided by a Halbach array at an outer central portion, and a second magnetic circuit (16) formed inside the first magnetic circuit (14) to surround the magnetic field generation space (12). The first magnetic circuit (14) is provided by permanent magnets (20a)-(20f) and central portions (A) of permanent magnets (22a)-(22f). The second magnetic circuit (16) is provided by a pair of pole pieces (24a) and (24b) each having a saturation magnetism not smaller than 1.6 T, and central portions (B) of permanent magnets (26a)-(26d) which provides magnetic interconnection between the pole pieces (24a) and (24b).

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