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Wafer-level contactor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6768331.

A contact housing adapted for carrying a plurality of compliant contacts is described. The contact housing is for use in contacting a semiconductor wafer-level package having an array of contacts disposed in a predetermined pattern. The contact housing includes a first guide plate formed from a material having a temperature coefficient of expansion approximating that of the semiconductor wafer-level package. The guide plate has a first pattern of apertures formed by a microelectromechanical process such that the pattern of apertures matches the predetermined pattern of contacts on the wafer-level package. A second guide plate is formed similar to the first guide plate, and includes a second pattern of apertures disposed in vertical registration with the first pattern of apertures. A spacer is interposed between the first and second guide plates. The first and second guide plates cooperate with the spacer to form respective receptacles adapted for carrying the plurality of compliant contacts.

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