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Method for fabricating semiconductor device with ultra-shallow super-steep-retrograde epi-channel by decaborane doping

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6753230.

The present invention provides a method for fabricating a semiconductor device with ultra-shallow super-steep-retrograde epi-channel that is able to overcome limitedly useable energies and to enhance manufacturing productivity than using ultra low energy ion implantation technique that has disadvantage of difficulties to get the enough ion beam current as well as that of prolonged processing time. The inventive method includes the steps of: a method for fabricating a semiconductor device with ultra shallow super-steep-retrograde (hereinafter referred as to SSR) epi-channel, comprising the steps of: forming a channel doping layer below a surface of a semiconductor substrate by implanting decaborane; forming an epi-layer on the channel doping layer; forming sequentially a gate dielectric layer and a gate electrode on the epi-layer; forming source/drain extension areas shallower than the channel doping layer by being aligned at edges of the gate electrode; forming a spacers on lateral sides of the gate electrode; and forming source/drain areas deeper than the channel doping layer by being aligned at edges of the spacer through ion implantation onto the substrate.

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