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Reproducing method and apparatus

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6751400.

The reverse direction reproduction of encoded data comprised of picture data compressed in accordance with the MPEG system is to be realized at a higher speed. To this end, plural frame memories are used for reverse direction reproduction. The respective pictures are sequentially decoded and the decoded pictures are sequentially held in the frame memories. If there is no vacant memory, the frame memories are sequentially overwritten beginning from the frame memory which stores the picture decoded first. If the decoding progresses up to the picture to be reproduced, and the decoding of the picture to be reproduced comes to a close, the decoding is transiently halted and the picture to be reproduced is read out from the frame memory and displayed. If the picture to be reproduced is displayed, the frame memory which has held the displayed picture is evacuated. The decoding is re-initiated for decoding the picture consecutive to the picture the data of which are as yet held in the frame memory.

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