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Method and apparatus for planarizing and cleaning microelectronic substrates

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6749489.

A method and apparatus for mechanically and/or chemical-mechanically planarizing and cleaning microelectronic substrates. In one embodiment, a processing medium for planarizing and finishing a microelectronic substrate has a planarizing section with a first body composed of a first material and a finishing section with a second body composed of a second material. The first body may have a relatively firm planarizing surface to engage the substrate, and the first body supports abrasive particles at the planarizing surface to remove material from the substrate during a planarizing cycle. The second body may have a relatively soft buffing or finishing surface clean the abrasive particles and other matter from the substrate during a finishing cycle. The planarizing and finishing sections may be fixedly attached to a backing film, or they may be attached to one another along abutting edges with or without the backing film. In one particular embodiment, the processing media may be an elongated web configured to extend between a supply roller and a take-up roller of a web-format planarizing machine having a plurality of individually driven substrate holders. The planarizing and finishing sections of this embodiment may be long strips of material extending lengthwise along a longitudinal axis of the web. The planarizing machine and elongated web may contemporaneously planarize and finish two or more substrates.

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