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Replacement tailgate and ramp for trucks

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6746068.

A replacement tailgate and ramp includes a first section and an angularly disposed second section. When deployed, the first section aligns substantially parallel to and coplanar with the bed surface of a utility or pick-up truck. The second section is angularly disposed about the first section to provide a ramp, thereby allowing ingress to and egress from the truck bed. The angular disposition between the first and second sections is maintained by a pair of reinforcement members positioned about the lateral margins of the first and second sections. A pair of posts projecting from the first section are inserted into cavities in the bed of the truck, thereby allowing pivoting movement of the tailgate/ramp apparatus. The first and second sections are covered by a lattice covering so as to provide a frictionally enhanced walking surface. A pair of securement mechanism are provided to impinge the movement of the tailgate/ramp apparatus.

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