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Low-temperature burnt ferrite material and ferrite parts using the same

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6741154.

A nickel-basis ferrite material, a sulfur content of ferrite powder in a raw material stage is in a range of from 300 ppm to 900 ppm on S basis and a chlorine content of the ferrite powder is not higher than 100 ppm on Cl basis, while a sulfur content of a ferrite sinter after burning is not higher than 100 ppm on S basis and a chlorine content of the ferrite sinter is not higher than 25 ppm on Cl basis. Furthermore, a ferrite material is constituted by an Ni ferrite material using a nickel compound as a raw material, the nickel compound having a specific surface area in a range of from 1.0 m.sup.2 /g to 10 m.sup.2 /g and a sulfur content in a range of from 100 ppm to 1,000 ppm on S basis.

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