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Straight blade plug and connector having a variable position cord grip

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6739900.

An electrical connector, comprising a housing, having a front face with first and second openings therein, the first and second openings receiving first and second electrical prongs, respectively. First and second box terminals are coupled to the housing using first and second fastening members. The first fastening member is inserted into the housing from substantially the same direction as the second fastening member. First and second electrical contacts are at least partially received in the first and second box terminals, respectively, and adapted to couple to the first and second electrical prongs, respectively. A cord grip is coupled to the housing and has an insert. The insert is capable of being adjusted to at least two different positions and thereby allowing electrical cords of differing diameters to be frictionally held by the cord grip. This configuration of electrical connector allows easy, secure assembly, while allowing multiple sized cords to be securely held therein.

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