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Explosive device with assembled segments and related methods

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6739265.

A segmented explosive device capable of producing a shock wave front upon being exploded by a detonation impulse generated by a selectively operable control device and communicated to the explosive device by a transmission line coupled between the control device and the explosive device. The explosive device has a first charge segment and a second charge segment disposed in an assembled relationship. The first charge segment has a first abutment surface formed on a portion of the exterior thereof and a cavity recessed in the first abutment surface. An output end of the transmission line is received by the cavity and contacts the first charge segment. The cavity of the first charge segment can be configured to dispose explosive material in the path of a plasma zone propagating through voids internal of the explosive device to facilitate advance detonation of the explosive material before a shock wave front trailing the plasma zone reaches the explosive material. The second charge segment has a second abutment surface formed on a portion of the exterior thereof. In the assembled relationship of the first and second charge segments, the first and second abutment surfaces are disposed in contact with each other. The first and second charge segments may have complimentarily located nodules and receptacles or other complementary features on the abutment surfaces thereof for facilitating and stabilizing the disposition of the first and second explosive charge segments in the assembled relationship thereof. Methods for fabricating the segmented explosive device are also disclosed.

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