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Low-noise output buffer

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6737886.

An output buffer for causing a voltage (Vout) of an integrated circuit output line (OUT,OUT_PAD) to switch from a voltage of a first voltage line (VDD) to a voltage of a second voltage line (GND) and vice versa, comprises a current path switch circuit (111a,111b) activatable for causing a prescribed current (Is) to constantly flow between the first and second voltage lines during a time between two successive switchings of the output line, and for causing the prescribed current to be deviated (Ic1) to the output line during at least an initial phase of an output line switching from the first voltage line voltage to the second voltage line voltage or vice versa. A current delivered by the first and second voltage lines is thus kept substantially constant in the output line switching. In this way, the time derivative of the current flowing between the first and the second voltage lines is kept small and low switching noise is induced.

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