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Film material exhibiting a "colder" blue-black image tone and improved preservation characteristics

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6737228.

A black-and-white silver halide photographic film material has been provided, wherein said material has first and second major surfaces, at least one of which is coated with at least one light-sensitive silver halide emulsion layer, overcoated with a protective antistress layer, wherein said emulsion layer(s) have chemically and spectrally sensitized {111} tabular hexagonal emulsion grains or crystals rich in silver bromide in an amount covering at least 50% of the total projective grain surface of all grains, wherein said grains further have an average equivalent volume diameter in the range from 0.3 .mu.m up to 1.5 .mu.m and an average grain thickness of less than 0.30 .mu.m, and an average amount of iodide from 0.05 mole % up to 0.5 mole % based on silver over the whole grain volume, characterized in that said material comprises, in an amount of at least 0.5 mmole per mole of silver halide coated, a heteroaromatic compound according to the general formula (I), presented in the claims and in the detailed description.

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