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Apparatus and method for optimizing the power transfer produced by a wave energy converter (WEC)

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6731019.

A wave energy converter (WEC) including an electric generator for capturing energy contained in ocean waves and converting it to electrical energy at the output of the electric generator may be characterized as an effective capacitive (or inductive) element. Systems embodying the invention include an inductive (or capacitive) element inserted in the circuit between the output of the electric generator and a load in order to achieve resonance with the effective capacitance (inductance) of the WEC and so as to increase the efficiency of the power transfer to the load. In certain embodiments the load coupled to the system has an optimum value which is made a function of the frequency of the ocean waves and the effective capacitance (or inductance). The effective capacitance (inductance) of the converter varies as a function of the frequency of the ocean waves. Accordingly, systems embodying the invention may include a controller for varying the load and/or the inductive (capacitive) element coupled in the system to resonate with the converter for increasing the efficiency of the system.

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