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Method and apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic roofing material

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6730841.

A web of photovoltaic roofing material exhibited by an elongated, substantially thin, and flexible web including a central photovoltaic area encapsulated within a polymeric material, the polymeric material including both side and end extending edges beyond the photovoltaic area. A pair of contact terminals extend from a selected end of the flexible web and establish electrical communication with the photovoltaic area. Overlapping edges of succeeding webs of roofing material are secured in place by elongated clamping strips and batten caps. An elongated flexible web, incorporating numerous detachable and individual sections, may be wound upon a spool and the spool may in turn be secured to a trolley, such as which may be traversable along an eave extending edge of the roof for applying the photovoltaic material.

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