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Labelling apparatus and method

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6729375.

To label products on a conveyor, a target area for a given product conveyed on the conveyor is determined relative to a frame of reference. One of a plurality of labellers fixed at different transverse positions over the conveyor, which one labeller is at a transverse position which is within the transverse extent of the target area is then activated in order to label the product. Each labeller may have a turret with a number of flexible bellows with an interior air diffuser. The air diffuser has a central opening facing the tamping end of the bellows and at least one side opening. This arrangement can enhance the responsiveness of the bellows. Each labeller may also have a de-mountable label cassette with a drive pinion which meshes with a two-sided timing belt. The two-sided timing belt is driven by a stepper motor in synchronism with the turret. The label cassette may have a driven pin wheel for moving the pin holed release tape of a label web. A ratchet tooth fixed in with respect to a pin of the pin wheel is engaged by a pawl to set a limit for driving the label web in a label web retracting direction in order to set a start position for a label on the web.

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