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Computational enhancements for space-frequency adaptive processing (SFAP).

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6724344.

A signal processing system is disclosed. The signal processing system comprises an antenna receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal. The signal processing system also comprises radio frequency circuitry coupled to the RF antenna, an analog to digital converter coupled to the RF circuitry and converting an analog signal from the RF circuitry to a digital signal. The signal processing further comprises a processing device generating a fast Fourier transform including N bins and an adaptive weight calculator calculating no more than (N/2)+1 weights based on information from at least (N/2)-1 bins, the no more than (N/2)+1 weights being applied to the output of the N bins in a weighted summation. Further, the signal processing system comprises an inverse fast Fourier transform calculator producing an inverse fast Fourier transform using the weighted summation.

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