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Flow control valve

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6722629.

A flow control valve capable of increasing a delivery flow rate gradually with a simple structure, comprising a flowout port (26) to deliver a pressure fluid to the outside, a valve disc (3) having a pressing part (31) to arbitrarily open and close the flowout port, and a valve operating body (8) moving the pressing part of the valve disc, characterized in that, when flow is delivered from the flowout port, the flat surface of the pressing part of the valve disc closing the flowout port is inclined by the delivered flow from the flowout port. The valve disc is formed by proving support plates (32) made of elastic body, apart from each other, at the lower end part of the pressing part into which a core (34) is fitted through the bottom part opening of a generally cylindrical packing (33), the pressing part and support plates are formed of elastic materials such as rubber, the width of the support plates should desirably be approximately the same as the outside diameter of the pressing part and, in order to allow the flat surface of the pressing part to be inclined by delivered flow, for example, the flowout port may be formed by shifting it from the center of the pressing part of the valve disc.

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