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Nuclear reactor

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6718001.

In an indirect cycle nuclear reactor, a size of the reactor containment vessel is decreased by removing decay heat inside the reactor pressure vessel without using any active component to improve the economic feasibility. A main steam pipe communicating with a heat exchanger of the indirect cycle nuclear reactor is branched in a position upstream of a main steam isolation valve to connect the branched pipe to a heat exchanger in a pressure suppression pool through an isolation valve. A feed water pipe is also branched in a position upstream of an isolation valve to connect the branched pipe to the heat exchanger through the isolation valve. Decay heat is dissipated from the heat exchanger into the pressure suppression pool, and condensed water condensed by heat dissipation is returned to the heat exchanger to cool the inside of the pressure vessel. Heat in the pressure suppression pool is transferred from a condensing type heat exchanger to a heat dissipater outside a containment vessel to be dissipated to the outside of the containment vessel.

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