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System and method for improving signal propagation

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6717440.

Systems and methods are provided for improving signal propagation. A repeater segments a transmission line into a first and a second line. The repeater includes an inverting amplifier and an equilibration circuit. The inverting amplifier has an input connected to the first line and an output connected to the second line. The amplifier receives and an input signal at a first logic potential and transmits an output signal at an inverted second logic potential during and an active portion of a cycle. The equilibration circuit electrically isolates the first line and the second line and shorts the first line to the second line during and an inactive portion of the cycle. Upon completion of the inactive portion of the cycle, the first line and the second line have substantially equal starting potentials between the first logic potential and the second logic potential. Setting the starting potential between the first and second logic potentials shortens the delay associated with a transition between logic potentials. Additionally, one embodiment of the equilibration circuit selectively disconnects the amplifier from the power rails.

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