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Silencer and power enhancement environmental device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6715583.

A device to muffle and purify the exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine. A housing is divided into several chambers with the exhaust gases passing from one chamber to another, each successive chamber diverting the gas flow into an opposing direction. The first chamber is well insulated and contains a series of interconnected axial and equatorial tubes which provide multiple passageways with a large surface area which encourages repeated collisions of the gas molecules with the walls of the passages and with other molecules. While in this chamber the kinetic energy is greatly increased as is the temperature of the exhaust gases causing a break down of polluting molecules. Thereafter, the gases are directed alternately forward and rearward through several open chambers of increasing size which enable expansion and cooling of the gases and reduction of the associated noise. Finally the purified and cooled gases exit the last chamber into the atmosphere and pose no threat to the environment.

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